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A note about Advertisements and Affiliate links:

Sometimes, my blog posts will feature affiliate links to products on Amazon.  I will always notify the reader when a post has these links in it.  I do this because I want to be transparent with the reader as to what happens when you click a link (I get a tiny kickback if a product is purchased).

The sole purpose for having these affiliate links and the advertisements on my site is to break even on hosting costs.

I have this website as a hobby, not as a job, and if I can break even on the hosting costs ($72/year), that would be amazing.  Doing it through advertisements and affiliate links here and there seems like the least invasive and least MLM-Schemey way to do it.  I never want to make my readers feel conned, annoyed, or like they’re reading some corny over-the-top Pinterest Advertorial.

It’s not my passion to push products.

It’s my passion to write about my journeys here and bring the reader with me.

Thank you.

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