Strangers: 5 ways being in a new town can be a rewarding challenge

Hi, I’m new here. We stick out like sore thumbs. It might be the Colorado plates, or the dog, or that we walk around everywhere (usually with said dog), but this town is small enough that it’s obvious we are new. There are no sidewalks. There are no bike lanes. The grocery stores leave muchContinue reading “Strangers: 5 ways being in a new town can be a rewarding challenge”

Moving Cross-Country: My Dashboard Confessional

If the Beatles were American, “The Long and Winding Road” would be a completely different song.  Those highways are boringly straight and it makes moving cross-country mind-numbing.  The only exciting part was when we had a bird run into our car and go up in a puff of feathers, and we hadn’t even left ColoradoContinue reading “Moving Cross-Country: My Dashboard Confessional”

Stressful Schedules in Grad School

I haven’t seen my husband in a month.  He’s been around here and there, but for the most part, we are like separate entities, ships in the night, waving at each other from afar. “Hello!” “Ahoy!” I can practically hear the echo. Separate Timelines Let me give you the rundown of a grad student’s schedule:Continue reading “Stressful Schedules in Grad School”