Why I am Ad-Free

If you’re seeing advertisements, something is wrong

Once upon a time (rarely, if ever), my blog posts  featured affiliate links to products on Amazon.  I would always notify the reader when a post has these links in it.  I did this because I wanted to be transparent with the reader as to what happens when you click a link.

The sole purpose for having these affiliate links and the advertisements on my site was to break even on hosting costs ($72/yr).

I have this website as a hobby, not as a job.  I thought using advertisements and affiliate links here and there seemed like the least invasive and least MLM-Schemey way to cover hosting costs.  But, I found that they were neither effective or user-friendly (for you or me), and they were just plain annoying.  So I got rid of all advertising on my site. 

I never want to make my readers feel conned, annoyed, or like they’re reading some corny over-the-top Pinterest Advertorial.  So, I hope you can enjoy the site distraction free, and not feel like anyone is trying to sell you anything.  We get that enough everywhere else.

It’s not my passion to push products.

It’s my passion to write about my journeys here and bring the reader with me.

Thank you.

Instead of an ad, here’s a picture of Sherlock.
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