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We are Math on the Move.  We are a family of lifelong learners traveling from place to place to learn and teach math.  In our journey, we hope to share what we learn with you-from life in small towns, navigating big cities, and surviving the world of academia.  I hope you’ll join us and have fun too.

We’ve been on a lot of adventures.  We hope you can use our resources to help you create your own.  Check out our most popular posts:


Creating this site began as a way to tell our story to family and friends, regardless of time zone.  Now, we’re able to share it with everyone and grow our relationships in the process.  We are a family of 3: a mathematician named Josh, an optician and writer named Erin, and a very hairy dog named Sherlock.  Our  academic journey started in California, where we met and got married at Cal State Fullerton.  It continued in graduate school in Colorado, then Ohio, now Germany.  Erin writes the blog, Josh checks the math.  Sherlock just sits and begs for pets.

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Sometimes, my blog posts will feature affiliate links to products on Amazon.  I will always notify the reader when a post has these links in it.  I do this because I want to be transparent with the reader as to what happens when you click a link (I get a tiny kickback if a product is purchased).

The sole purpose for having these affiliate links and the advertisements on my site is to break even on hosting costs.

I have this website as a hobby, not as a job, and if I can break even on the hosting costs ($72/year), that would be amazing.  Doing it through advertisements and affiliate links here and there seems like the least invasive and least MLM-Schemey way to do it.  I never want to make my readers feel conned, annoyed, or like they’re reading some corny over-the-top Pinterest Advertorial.

It’s not my passion to push products.

It’s my passion to write about my journeys here and bring the reader with me.

Thank you.