german travel bingo printable

Germany Travel Bingo Printable

Travel Games

Growing up, our family vacations involved road trips throughout the west. Traveling up the Pacific Coast Highway, or making our way through the desert to Nevada and Arizona.  My sister and I loved these trips, but we also had strict rules:

  1. We each had to have our own row of seats in the van (absolutely no sharing).
  2. My dad must drive (no one else!).
  3. The car had to be fully stocked with BrainQuest, Madlibs, Klutz books, and road trip bingo.

We enjoyed spending time together on those trips and spending time as a family, playing games in the car while we made the day drive up to Solvang or some other tourist town.   Since my family is visiting soon, I decided to keep the tradition of vacation games alive and create a German-style travel bingo to take with us on our journey.

Mathonthemoveblog germany travel bingo
At the Bielefeld Rathaus: We’re waiting for you!

A Local Perspective

Since this is their first time overseas, I  want to make sure they have fun and immerse themselves in the culture and not the itinerary.  I think for many Americans, the thought of traveling to Europe can be overwhelming.  We come from one giant country (it’s a lot of land with not a lot on it) and we get caught up in trying to check off as many historical sights/countries/museums/castles/etc. as possible in a short amount of time.  Sometimes all you need is a little game, away from taking photos or listening to guided tours, to help you look around and get to know the locals.

If you’re planning a trip to Germany (I recommend Bielefeld😁), download the bingo cards and play along.  Just don’t yell too loud when you get Bingo…someone might stare at you.

Free Printables Download

Click to download Germany Travel Bingo PDF Version (A4)

Click to download Germany Travel Bingo PDF Version (US Letter)

Mathonthemoveblog Germany Travel Bingo Printable Mathonthemoveblog Germany Travel Bingo Printable


What would you put on a Bingo card for your country or community?

Traveling in Germany

Here are some previous blog posts on recommended cities to visit when traveling to Germany:

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Travel bingo or any travel games will avoid thinking, “Are we there, yet?” Never thought of having travel games as kids were smaller!

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