Humblebrag on my dad

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads today, but especially to my dad.

My dad raised 2 daughters, treated us both with dignity, respect, and equality, but taught us that not everyone would. He showed us the good in the world and prepared us for the bad in the world. He taught us how to speak for ourselves and to use our intellect instead of our fists, our minds instead of our looks. We are strong women because of him.

We chose loving husbands because he lead by example. He cherishes our mother, and cares for her every day with love and humor. He will always hug and kiss, even if he acts like he’s embarrassed (he secretly loves it).

He loves by washing your car. He loves by giving unsolicited advice. He loves by sending you random newspaper articles, but most importantly, he loves.

And he loves me.

This has been a humblebrag on my dad.


Cheers, Papa Smurf. Love you.

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Suzanne Graeber
Suzanne Graeber

Erin-what a beautiful tribute to your dad. You’re right-he did raise two wonderful girls. Thinking of you, our goddaughter, on this Father’s Day.
Btw I partially cleaned out my closet after I read your last post.
Praying for a safe move to Germany for you & Josh.
. ❤️Suzanne
(AKA Aunt Suzie)


Happy Father’s day to Uncle Mike and all my love to you all! We miss you guys ♥️ glad I inspired you to clean out your closet 😀

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